2014 Friday Game 7, July 11th, D3 – 6:30 Vs Where My Pitchers At (H)

Player of the Game: Denis

Between the diving catches and the fact he plays guitar he was clearly a shoe in for this weeks player of the game

Play of the game: Eric’s snag at pitcher was smoken hawt, but Jith’s running catch to cover off Krystle’s slow ass in RF was a close second

Lessons Learned: It takes a long time for stiches to heal , enderance to build and general recovery from having a baby. Don’t call off the play/double play if you’re not part of it or you’re not Eric. Need to get our bats rollin’, beer/pizza rocks.


  • Shirley’s made on base %
  • Jith running catches all over the place at Rover
  • Pizza sale
  • Baby Blake
  • Getting to see side bum from rodney
  • Pizza shaming Jith
  • Finding out that there will be singing at next weeks game!
  • Kalina finding some of our team chilling @ the wrong diamond and bringing them to us
  • The SBW band!

Do you play guitar.. or just date a guitarist….



  • Eric walking 2 people
  • Krystle not understanding numbers and batting
  • losing some of our team to another diamond lol
  • Baillie out

Bonus section:

A list of words Krystle can’t pronounce or spell

  1. Mortar
  2. Lettus ( aparently there is no s..)
  3. Windmills (says windmeals)
  4. Hi-Low (should be high)
N Out Other
Eric Baillie Danielle cant
Jith TBIL Kalina can if needed
Sarah Josianne Krystle – spare
Alex Bree – can if needed
denis (called Krystle) Justn cant spare
Jamie  (called Krystle) Seb cant spare
Shirley Rodney will spare
Samantha will spare


1 2 3 4 5 6 7
LF Denis Denis Denis Denis Denis Rodney Denis
CF Jamie Jamie Jamie Jamie Rodney Jamie Jamie
RF Krystle Krystle Krystle Krystle Tiffy Krystle Krystle
RV Jith Jith Jith Rodney Jith Jith Jith
P Eric Eric Eric Eric Eric Eric Eric
1ST Alex Rodney Alex Alex Alex Alex Alex
2ND Sarah Sarah Sarah Tiffy Sarah Sarah Sarah
3RD Shirley Shirley Tiffy Shirley Shirley Shirley Shirley
SS Jim Jim Rodney Jim Jim Jim Jim
BC Sam Tiffy Sam Sam Sam Sam Tiffy
SIT Tiffy Sam Shirley Sarah Krystle Tiffy Sam
SIT Rodney Alex Jim Jith Jamie Denis Rodney

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