2014 Friday Game 5 – June 20th, D2 – 630 Vs Foul Balls (A)(H) DOUBLE HEADER – COSTUME DAY

Player of the Game: Denis
lots of catches at rover. 
Lessons learned: Everyone has bad days.
Game 1:
-pro Eric batting in the park home run, stand up triple, couple of other on base hits.. just lovely all aroud.
-something about dressing up, I think (I can only read TBIL, Sarah, Eric, and something that might say Allison for makeup.)
Hi (apparently the above does not count as highs…)
-Jith and Eric found out that thy were at the same game last year (Toronto vs KC in Sept 2013) (also Jith mentioned we saw 4 golden glove winners in that game.)
-Sarah fouled and hit Bruce in the shoulder.
-TBIL’s diving throw to first
-strong start to the game
– Eric double plays
  • Jim hurting his elbow
  • seriously no Jim….
Game 2:
Player of the Game: Tiffy
Fucking infield homrun while her nursing bra unclipped and hat fell off.. freaken trooper still came  in, I know I am bias cause I am a new Mom.. but come on that is both player of the game and play of the game worthy!
-Baillie played with bad knee (Jith had this in game 1 but it wasn’t too bad until part way through 2)
-Tiffy in the park home run
-**Eric being considerate and something for Jim who had a bad elbow.
-Alex had a few great catches/grabs at first
IN Out Other
Shirley Shirley (sick) Bree – Can’t spare
Eric Danielle – Can’t spare
Denis (called)

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