2014 Friday Game 3 – June 6th, D1 – 6:30 Vs Bag Stompers (H)

Friday night was another beautiful sunny night that saw a lot of spares come out and play.

Player of the Game: Rodney

Rodney had two of the more impressive outs at Short Stop but was also huge on team spirit and base coaching. Even when I was desperate for runs and doubted their second basemens capability of catching Eric’s fly ball (urghhh should not have swung) Rodney was calm and told everyone NO stay on your bags! Tons of talent , even more team spirit, this game def. goes our to our friendliest spare Rodney.

Play of the game: TBIL & I base coaching (he was in the hole) Jith and others on a CLEAR infield fly ball that the umpire decided should be a triple play for the other team. SOME HOW that shit worked out, Jith came home on it AND everone advanced.. no one is entirely certain what happened that play, but it was shake your head, roll your eyes ridiculous so I am giving it play of the game.

Lessons Learned: It’s not over till it’s over. Take the walk if it matters. We will need to ask Dave to watch their batting order next game.


  • Bruce coming out to watch!
  • TBIL yelling “yours, yours, yours” for Rodey to grab the fly ball behind him
  • Jith tracking the ball and scaring us a little
  • That entire last inning
  • Kalina, Tiffy , & TBIL taking walks that lead to our huge 7th inning, huge team players.
  • Kalina lots of outs at 3rd she made look breezy
  • All the excitement over Samantha and I organzing sofbtall
  • everyone making fun of my Quebec French
  • Martin coming out to cheer and base coach
  • Skunkapine came to watch for a bit!
  • Baby Sky watched!
  • Eric’s slide, everyone’s always a fan of a proper slide
  • Joey!
  • Shirley’s parenting stories, Kalina and I hope we have that relationship with our sons!


  • God damn it Eric..
  • Our bats this game! eeeekkkk
  • Can we blame that new ball?
  • There was a guy on the other team that batted 4-5 times and another who batted twice..
  • No Joey at the patio for my bday 🙁
  • My Boo getting hit in the head with a frisbee thrown by some kids on the patio
  • My boo giving me crap for giving said kids look of pure death..
IN Out Other
Eric Baillie Kalina – spare
Shirley Sarah Samantha – spare
Jith Alex Danielle – Can’t spare
Denis Jim Seb –  Can’t Spare
Jamie Bree – Can’t spare
TBIL Rodney – Spare
Joey – Spare



1 2 3 4 5 6 7
LF Jamie Jamie Rodney Jamie Jamie Jamie Jamie
CF Jith Jith Jith Jith Rodney Jith Jith
RF Denis Denis Denis Rodney Denis Denis Denis
Rover Tiffy Tiffy Tiffy Tiffy Tiffy Tiffy Tiffy
1st Joey Joey Joey Joey Joey Rodney Joey
2nd Shirley Shirley Shirley Shirley Shirley Shirley Shirley
SS Rodney Eric Eric Eric Eric Eric Rodney
3rd Kalina Kalina Kalina Kalina Kalina Kalina Kalina
BC Samantha Samantha Samantha Samantha Samantha Samantha Samantha
Sit TBIL Rodney Jamie Denis Joey Jith Eric

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